Bring back sodor island 3d

Printable View. Show 40 post s from this thread on one page Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. The wayback machine is your friend I tried the wayback machine.

But some things kept popping up, including "Page cannot be displayed due to robots. Copy the link into a new tab, and then hit enter. You should be able to download it then. It keeps saying that the file is "Invalid or deleted. Well bust my buffers. SI3D deleated them. No way of getting them now! Well, this gives me an idea for a petition to make on Change.

Sodor island 3D Jimdo

I'll keep you posted. I have a feeling that Change. I'm not one that really cares for Thomas content, but seriously? I just don't even Actually, nevermind. You're right. Maybe Change. Besides, who know how long it could probably take to reach whichever amount of signatures I'd put on the petition to reach its goal?

I guess it's basically all the Standard Gauge engines between Thomas and Percy all of the first 6 engines going from the top of the page to the bottom that I can't even get. Originally Posted by Gameoholic But James is the one that is gonna have trouble installing, including his dependencies. All times are GMT The time now is AM.

All rights reserved.However, I haven't been able to work on Part 2 of the extension very often before I planned to release it in either February or March, because I've been very busy doing marathons of movies and TV shows.

My work on the extension will be on hold until a while before I release it. I promise that I will update the link to the route with Part 2 of the Knapford extension when my work on the extension is done.

Today, some of my videos on the videos page have been removed because I feared that the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act would affect some of them.

Standard Gauge Locomotives

And I decided to start the Knapford extension over by dividing it into two parts. As of now, the route has been updated with Part 1 of the Knapford extension. Part 1 features a freelance valley with a farm, and a hill leading up to a viaduct and a tunnel. Part 2 will feature Knapford station and yards, along with the start of Thomas' branchline, and will hopefully be released around February or March in the new year.

After Part 2 of the Knapford extension, next will probably be either the start of Duck's branchline, Part 2 of Thomas' branchline, or Crosby. Due to my laptop being repaired and rebooted after its hard drive was busted, I have lost work on the Knapford extension of my Island of Sodor TV Series Map route in Trainz, so I decided to remove the route from this site, but you can still download it from my DeviantArt gallery here:.

If I have time, I can host my other Trainz routes on this site, since I also hosted my route of Ivor the Engine's home on this site. My recent Trainz video and few of my M. N videos have been added to the videos page today! More M.

bring back sodor island 3d

N videos will be added to the videos page eventually. I will also still try my best to continue my work on the Knapford extension on my Island of Sodor TV Series Map route before I finish it and update the link to the route with the Knapford extension added.

A few more of my past videos have been added to the videos page today! I also apologize for not starting to work on the Knapford extension on my Island of Sodor TV Series Map route shortly after I updated the route link with the Lower Tidmouth extension before Christmas last year, because I was very busy with other things and I was very devastated about the shutdown of Sodor Island 3D after some users on Deviantart were distributing their older content against their creator's wishes 4 months ago.

I promise that things will still happen. EN videos will be added to the videos page at some point. Check out my best video of there as well.

The Knapford extension with the start of Thomas' branchline will begin work soon. My Trainz route of Ivor the Engine's Home has been added to the site! After the Knapford extension with the start of Thomas' branchline, either Crosby or a little more of Thomas' branchline will be the next extension.

It means it's my best video that I've ever made in Introducing my first M. Credit goes to Doorhenge for the screenpack, N64Mario for the characters, and DarkSavior for the stages. Once he finishes the 6 other characters Guile, E.

I've also included some extra DEF files of "select" and "system", which show the Champion Edition style character select, and the final release character select. I hope you enjoy the Tidmouth section of my route project! Hope you'll enjoy Part 1 of the Knapford extension!

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More videos will posted there in the future.The quality of the Awdry stories and characters had piqued the interest and captured the interest of many over the years.

While Britt Allcroft will always be remembered as the person who was able to translate the stories onto the screen successfully, attempts were made previous to this, dating as far back as The episodes were to be broadcasted live from Lime Grove Studios, the first being during the afternoon of Sunday 14 June,with the second on the 28 June.

The live broadcast did not fare well. Eric Marriott, who was viewing the broadcast with his family, was surprised to see a large hand pick up the engine and replace it on the rails again!

Surprisingly, the incident made front page of national newspapers just over a week later by Tuesday 23rd June, receiving attention from the Daily Telegraph and superseding the 10 Rillington Place Murder Trial in the Daily Mail. The embarrassment resulted in the intended 28 June broadcast being put on hold and later cancelled completely.

The books were read aloud on the BBC, however, in the much-loved television series, Jackanory. Ina life-long fan of the books approached Kaye and Ward about producing a musical television series based on the Railway Series.

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However, there was apprehension from the publishers and the author, as the outlined plans would have given Lloyd Webber's company the rights to the books, characters and anything that was yet to be written or published. Byhe had found mainstream success with Evita, and found that the stage was his natural home.

However, he went on to create a railway-based musical, geared more to the American market, based on the story of Cinderella. Inthe Reverend Awdry was to be interviewed on the Bluebell Railway for a feature on steam railways.

The producer, Britt Allcroft, had chosen to read some of the Railway Series books for research purposes prior to meeting him, and became engrossed in the characters, stories and situations. She was convinced that they would translate well to the screen, and suggested the idea to the Reverend after dinner one evening. Still sceptical following the previous dealings with the BBC and Andrew Lloyd Webber, he warned Britt that previous attempts had not been successful.

Many parties she approached were keen to provide the money, but wanted to have creative control of the product. In the end, Britt was able to gain the funding she needed from her local bank, and bywas financially able to put the series into production. Many different types of animation were considered from cell-animation to stop-motion. However, an animator put forward a recommendation to seek out assistance from the Director of a yoghurt pot commercial, based in South London.

Around the same time, through a mutual friend, Britt was contacted by two musicians keen to provide the music for her series. But her biggest coup was her choice of Storyteller. Having heard his voice in a Michael Parkinson interview, Britt was convinced that Ringo Starr was the natural person to bring the televised adventures to life. Although not keen to participate initially, Ringo eventually warmed to the idea and agreed to provide his vocals.

On meeting the Author himself, he admitted to not having read the books in his childhood, but was impressed by what he was seeing.

Together, the Britt Allcroft Company and Clearwater produced a successful pilot, using the story Thomas Down The Mine, and eventually, production began on a full series of twenty-six episodes. Using content from the first eight books of the Railway Series, Britt set a core character base with Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and Toby, receiving critical acclaim and bringing the characters and stories to a wider audience, as they premiered on ITV.

It also provided a window of opportunity for Christopher Awdry to contribute material, as there was some slight concern from Britt that there was a clear lack of Thomas stories to feature. Thus, the Railway Series book, More About Thomas The Tank Engine, and the Annual story, Thomas and Trevor, were written to meet the needs of the producers, who were subject to a contract clause by Kaye and Ward, which stipulated that all material featured on television must be released in print form first.

Following the second series, David Mitton and Robert D. TUGS ran for one full series of 13 episodes, and whilst a second was planned, the bankruptcy of TVS meant that this could not go ahead. TUGS was the last major production that Clearwater Features were involved with prior to their liquidation in the early s.

Britt Allcroft began work on launching Thomas in the United States. The series would be a half-hour programme revolving around one or two episodes of Thomas, and exploring the lessons and morals within the stories. To maintain continuity with the British series, Ringo Starr was asked to play Mr Conductor, an eighteen-inch tall man who told the stories to the children who visited the station. However, in a bid to fit the ideals of the American public, numerous changes took place to the episodes themselves.

This would be the first production undertaken solely by the Britt Allcroft Company, with Clearwater Features no longer operating. However, the third series would also see the creative differences widen in the working relationship between Awdry and Allcroft.The new Percy has now been released!

Another extension to the Sodor route has been released. This finished the ffarquhar branch off all the way to the quarry. Same deal, Lewis made the route, Sean did the buildings.

Also this time forum member Tyrone, a friend of ours has gone through and updated the look of some of the older sections, as a one off guest contribution, and a couple of other members have contributed some buildings. Some accompanying rolling stock should be forthcoming. Possibly one of our most anticipated and asked about releases is this one.

Big thanks to Tyrone who supplied the Whistlesound and Theme for this model, truly excellent work and a pleasure to be working with him on future projects. Richmas - Henrietta!

Shimano e8000

Our next release is an overhauled Henrietta model to go with Toby. Si3D's 12 days of Richmas - Day 5. Day 5 is a new freshly overhauled Toby model.

Comes with the usual features, as well as a some nice weathering, unsual for a TVS model. Day 4 is the re-worked Season 1 Express Coaches. These are more accuratley proportioned, textured to the new standard and feature animated couplings.

Si3D's 12 days of Richmas - Day 3. Day 3 is the Sodor Salt Vans. Si3D's 12 days of Richmas - Day 2.

bring back sodor island 3d

This is one of Richard's best meshes which was a priviledge to finish off, texture and script. I think you'll agree its some of our best work yet! Yes it's that time of year again! We're going to do our best to bring you a little something on each of the 12 days of Richmas! Today is the Sodor Mail Van, Enjoy!

These are my first models to be uploaded to the site, I hope they are up to standard. Included are First class, Third class and the Brake carriages. A brand new release from us. Gordon has been given an overhaul and features all of the features the other updated engines have recieved.

The IoS has now had a mainline extension to Crosby station too. On behalf of the team we hope you enjoy our latest releases. Next in our range of updated locos, here is Henry The Green Engine. Included is all 3 of his forms, including a seperate cabview for the old and newer shapes. All usual features are included, and we hope you enjoy. Hot on the heels of Edward's release we have another overhauled model.Remember Me? Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3 Jump to page: Results 31 to 42 of Originally Posted by Zeldaboy Originally Posted by preston Si3D's not coming back.

They are gone for good this time. We must rely on other sites for new stuff. Sodor Workshops content is great never the less. I need to get back to making and releasing content again. Been ages since i released something for trainz and not gmod.

Guess its a good thing I grabbed them before they were gone. I was attempting to make a fan episode using WildNorWester's IoS route that he used for his series, but that would probly just tick people off. And he does have some good content as well, despite it being a bit more prototypical. I'm presuming we can keep whatever content we legitimately obtained before SI3D closed, correct? Content appreciator, railfan and freelance photographer. Preston, I do not take requests.

Please don't ask me to make models, as i make my own models on my own time. Also, BNSF, yes, you can. Originally Posted by KingOrgana. I was also going to throw out that it takes time to create quality models such as yours which, by the way, are beautiful. I would do it if I only had the skills and the time spared to create them. Heck, I actually attempted to port a Godzilla model to the game, but failed miserably because the texture was missing from the model when I converted and imported it to GMAX somehow.

Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3 Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Creator Breakdown : In Septemberseveral of Wildnorwester's models were illegally reskinned and posted on Discord. When asked to take them down, the offenders insulted him. In response, Wildnorwester shut down his website though left the door open for a future return, and the models were still available if one knew the web addresses for the download pages, but these were taken down sometime in Marchand all but disappeared from Deviant Art though his profile is still open, revealing that all characters were receiving 3D faces in the lead-up to Season 3 of The Modern Years ; at the time of the shutdown, the only updated models publicly released were Toby and the Scottish Twins.

Note that this is not the first time a major Trainz Thomas site has shut down or removed models due to outside influences: the first major takedown was when Hit Entertainment discovered MSTNoodle's Thomas models and issued a cease-and-desist. The models by Chris Burgess were taken down in due to the amount of "gimme pigs", which resulted in the formation of the famed Sodor Island 3D, which itself was shut down in January after a Deviant Art user illegally uploaded the models, and responded to anyone telling him to take them down with profanity.

SI3Ds shutdown let Sodor Workshops another site formed in the wake of the Burgess models' takedown become the foremost Trainz Thomas content provider, and has already released models for TRS with eyes you can moveand are also making an updated version of Sodor Island 3D's old Island of Sodor route.

Sodor Island 3D is dead.

I Knew It! Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?As the orignal link was deleted because of the Megaupload shutdown, Risha's link has now been fixed. Well, here's to us again, Three years on since we first steamed onto the web, accepted by the Thomas community, thanks for all your support during the last Three Years :.

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The SI3D Team. I have fixed an error with Oliver, he should now show no errors in CMP. Heres to another year of true Trainz Thomas Content, thanks to all who have supported us for the last two years :.

First of all, we have not forgotten our old 06 page, despite we've moved on we've given it a new look for Also some of our Download links have been removed for repair and will be back online soon, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We would like to thank Lewis for sharing this route with us and for allowing us to improve its detail, we do hope you enjoy it. Well, its taken a while to get online but its finally here, I'm pleased to announce that The Little Western is available to download now!

Thanks go to SixBlueWheels and Train for custom models, and to Callum for help with finishing off the route. Here we go with a belated but exciting release, please welcome Trevor to our collection, made from one of Scott's meshes.

Includes a "In Flight" Model, and a version with a pantograph action that can be used to raise him in the air, and to drop him down again. If you don't have Mstnoodles model, ask someone who does, but please not us, or you can wait for the next update.

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Also courtasy of RaytheTrainEngine is an updated Verison of Kevin the Crane who is now driveable, loadable and static with new Textures! Released this time around are new versions of the brake vans including a faceless version and a "spiteful" version.

You may need to delete the other vans before you install these to make sure they work.

bring back sodor island 3d

Bertie has been released on the "More Characters" page. He doesn't have face mappings sadly. It was either that or passenger scripting and I opted for the passengers. Can't have a bus without passengers! They do have face scripting among other things. Hello all.

bring back sodor island 3d